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Education & World Languages 
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Hana Walsh
Director of Language Acquisition
and World Language

ELL Support Services
(781) 961-6200  Ext 535

To ensure substantial academic support, access to extracurricularenrichment activities, and social emotional guidance, RPS also makes ELL Liaisons available to students and families. Liaisons connect them toneeded resources.

Haitian Creole, French
Lunine Pierre-Jerome  pierre-geromel@randolph.k12.ma.us 
Spanish  Aisha Boykin  boykina@randolph.k12.ma.us 
Portuguese  Regina Federle  federler@randolph.k12.ma.us 
Vietnamese  Jenny (Giang) Bui  buig@randolph.k12.us 


ELL Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of English Language Learners (ELL) is to promote and support English language acquisition and academic gains of our students whose first language is not English.  Ensuring that our ELLs have access to rigorous curriculum aligned to state standards and taught by ELL licensed and SEI endorsed content teachers provides a solid foundation for the best quality education for all ELLs.  Whenever possible, ELLs are taught alongside their English-speaking peers and have access to the full range of academic and extra-curricular programming, with support services available as needed. We honor cultural and linguistic diversity and utilize the varied experiences and knowledge of the ELL students and families within the Randolph Public Schools to enrich our community.  We fully understand the importance of parent/guardian involvement in the education of the child and strive to create meaningful opportunities for ELL families in school engagement.  

English Language Learners are students who:

  • Come from homes whose native language is not English.

  • Speak limited to no English

  • May be U.S born or immigrants from other countries 

  • Need language support services to be able to fully perform all ordinary schoolwork in English

About 350 students in the Randolph Public Schools are English Language Learners. English Language Learners are placed in the Sheltered English Immersion program only after an assesment is completed.  All students in this program receive Sheltered Content Instruction from atrained teacher and English as a Second Language (ESL) from a highly qualified and credentialed ESL teacher. They also receive other support services.

Parents of ELL students who believe their children would be best taught in the native language may submit a waiver requesting this change. If parents of at least twenty students of thesame native language complete waivers requesting bilingual education andtheir requests align with the state's regulations, the school district must provide it.

Sheltered Content Instruction

Sheltered content instruction in social studies, science, English language arts and math makes content more comprehensible to English Language Learners.  

English as a Second Language

ESL instruction is explicit, direct instruction about the English language intended to promote English language development among ELL students.

  • All beginners and early intermediates should be receiving aleast 2.5 hours of ESL every day. Their ESL replaces their English Language Arts.

  • Intermediates should receive 1 hour of ESL and one hour of English Language Arts.

  • Transitioning level students are to receive ESL as needed.